Tuesday, March 27, 2018

NOG Bucks Politically-Correct Image With "Bacon Bits"

The Dreaded Bacon Bits (Aramark photo)
Stop the presses! The Red Sox will take the radical step of offering a new politically-incorrect food item on the menu at Fenway Park this year. The team's food service—Aramark—announced that they will be topping their new FenwayTaters with "savory bacon bits, sour cream and fresh chives" (from the look of the photo, they are 'itsy-bitsy' bacon bits). Now, maybe the chives were grown on the park's rooftop "foo-foo" organic farm, but bacon bits? Oh, the hog-manity! Perhaps to counter this clearly animal-unfriendly menu offering, the team is also featuring an oh-so-chic Crème Brulee French Toast this year. OK, that should mollify the anti-bacon crowd—a little bit. No word yet on how outrageously pricey these new items will be—but take out a Home Equity line of credit right away just to be prepared.