Thursday, March 22, 2018

Left Side Of Red Sox Defense Makes Us Feel 'Defensive'

(Getty Images)
There are many good signs out of Red Sox Spring Training that make us feel like the team will be more than competitive in the AL East. However, one nagging little issue is the strength (or lack thereof) of the defense on the left side of the diamond. Among Rafael Devers (3B), Xander Bogaerts (SS) and Andrew Benintendi/J.D. Martinez (LF), there aren't exactly many Gold Glove candidates (to put it mildly). As pointed out by Cam Ellis of Baseball Prospectus, Devers may be the most troubling of the lot. Ellis argues that improved defense by the 21-year-old would actually be more valuable to the 2018 team than his obvious hitting prowess. The Boston lineup is already loaded with offensive potential beyond Devers—it's catching the ball on the left side that may determine how far this team goes.