Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jeter Flips-Off $200K Ticket Offer From "Marlins Man"

(Getty Images)
Things are not going well for fans of The Fish. First, their new owner (ex-Evil One Derek Jeter) basically sold-off every decent player on the roster. Now, the team is dissing their most famous fan of all—Florida-based Attorney Laurence Leavy (AKA Marlins Man). You know him, the annoying dude who brazenly wears that bright orange Marlins jersey to multiple sporting events (he must be from New York originally). Anyway, Marlins Man sent Jeter a check for $200,000 for a three-year deal on his four season ticketstickets he's held since this crappy franchise came to Florida in 1993. Derek said no. Marlins Man said "Fine, see 'ya!" Well, it looks as if garish Marlins Park will have even fewer fannies in the seats than usual this season. Nice PR, Captain!