Friday, March 23, 2018

David Ortiz Sees Sox As Positive Underdogs In AL East

(Getty Images)
Red Sox legend David Ortiz thinks his arch rivals—The Bronx Embalmers—are the favorites to win the American League East in 2018. Don't get him wrong, though, he thinks that's a good thing for his former teammates. Big Papi feels that playing the underdog role will help Boston—and put undue pressure on the over-hyped Pinstriped Posers. Said Ortiz, "They pretty much stacked the lineup with more power. I don’t think anyone else in the division can compete with that. I think the Red Sox are the one team that, as an underdog, is going to be out there exceeding expectations more than usual." Ortiz also sees the addition of J.D. Martinez (essentially as the new Papi) as critical to Boston's success, "The Red Sox always need that one guy in the middle of the lineup who creates a balance by taking a lot of pressure off the top and bottom of the lineup. And J.D. is that one guy." Sage analysis by the best clutch hitter in MLB history.