Thursday, February 8, 2018

REPORT: Red Sox 'Back-Up' Plan Is—Logan Morrison?

(Getty Images)
If the Red Sox-Scott Boras game of 'chicken' ends in a stalemate, there appears to be a "back-up" plan developing for Boston. According to multiple reports, Dave Dombrowski and company are setting their sights on Logan Morrison to be the "thumper" in the 2018 line-up. 'Say what?', you say? Morrison would be a sort-of Bob's Discount Furniture option as opposed to the Jordan's Furniture option represented by J.D. Martinez. You know, Martinez gives you a higher-priced, higher-quality product—and 3D Imax. The somewhat goofy LoMo, on the other hand, gets you a cheaper, lower-quality product and a used DVD of Goonies. Get the picture? Now, Morrison did clout 38 HRs last year for Tampa as their first baseman. But, wait, you ask—don't we already have two first basemen to try and shoe-horn into the line-up? Correct, Carney Lansford The Magnificent! There's Hanley Ramirez and Mitch Moreland to distributes at-bats to. Clearly, under this arrangement, Hanley would not reach his plate-appearance threshold to kick-in his 2019 contract. Hmm, wait a minute, maybe this Morrison thing isn't so bad an idea after all.