Monday, February 5, 2018

Rays Situation Puts Sox Dilemma In Some Perspective

As our readers know, we have been very critical of Dave Dombrowski for not signing J.D. Martinez to fill the team's power void. Others in the blogoshpere have also vented about the team's inaction this Winter—while assessing the impact on post-season chances. All of this is appropriate—hey, we're Red Sox fans and we expect a team to be proud of. Then, there are the Tampa Bay Rays. Not only have they shorn franchise rock Evan Longoria—but Alex Cobb is headed out of town via free agency as well. That would be bad enough, but team ownership has passed down the order to shed more payroll. So, the 2018 Rays roster will likely not have several of the following players on it: Alex Colome, Brad Miller, Jake Odorizzi, Chris Archer, Corey Dickerson and Denard Span. Red Sox fans are agonizing over not adding a player—even though we've already exceeded the luxury tax threshold. Just some perspective.