Friday, February 23, 2018

"J.D. Watch" Enters Day Four With Continued Confusion

More than likely, we will all forget about this little blip in the J.D. Martinez saga by Opening Day—or even sooner. It will all probably seem very silly in due time. Still, as we enter Day Four of this fiasco, things are not really getting all that clarified. In fact Dave Dombrowski did his best double-speak in the following "explanatory" text: "All I can say is that he continues to take his physical." Oh, that's helpful. The crux of the issue is that Martinez has suffered a couple of fairly substantial injuries over the past several years (foot, right wrist)—and, apparently, the tests do not definitively rule out their recurrence. We guess. Since the Yawkey Way Kremlin is not really being too forthcoming. Stay tuned!