Monday, February 26, 2018

J.D. Martinez Delay May Have Been '17 Right-Foot Injury

Multiple reports are suggesting that the "medical concern" causing the delayed consummation of the J.D. Martinez contract was a right-foot injury. A sprained lisfranc ligament in the new DH's right foot sidelined him for six weeks last April and May. The back-and-forth jockeying with medical tests and records actually resulted in Martinez traveling to Boston last Thursday to see consulting physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital. Something that should have happened on day one. While the two sides make it seem like the delay was nothing more than a "kum ba yah" love-fest, it clearly was not. Boston wanted new language protecting them from a recurrence of the injury down the road. And, whenever Scott Boras is involved, it is blood-sport—pure and simple. We may never know the truth—but who cares, we have our DH.