Monday, February 12, 2018

Dom DiMaggio Would Have Been 101 Years-Old Today

Dom (L); Joe (R) (Getty Images)
Had he lived, Red Sox great Dom DiMaggio would have been 101 years-old today. "The Little Professor" had a stellar career in Carmine Hose—albeit overshadowed by his Hall Of Fame bother Joe DiMaggio. Dom spent his entire 11-year MLB career with the Red Sox—hitting .298 with a .383 OBP. As with nearly all the players of The Greatest Generation, Dom missed three straight seasons in the prime of his career (ages 26, 27, 28) to military service in WWII. He was a seven-time All-Star—and averaged almost 200 hits a year (195). Of the three DiMaggio brothers in the major leagues (Dom, Joe, Vince), Dom was generally viewed as the best defensive center-fielder. He had the best range, best jump, best route to balls and the best arm. In addition to his great play on the field, Dom was the very first President of the BoSox Club—the official booster club of the Red Sox. We should all remember him as one of the best players to don a Red Sox uniform.