Friday, February 9, 2018

D'Backs Are Main Red Sox Competition For J.D. Martinez

(Getty Images)
UPDATE: D'Back's offer bogus?
It looks like the J.D. Martinez sweepstakes is coming down to two suitors—your Boston Red Sox and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Martinez spent half of last season in the desert—and had his best offensive year ever. Multiple reports indicate that both teams have made very similar offers—in the range of five years and over $100 million. Neither is likely to budge much—certainly not into Scott Boras territory (seven years, $210 million). The Red Sox should be able to out-bid the snakes—maybe sweetening their offer to: a sixth player-option year and $28 million per year. Thus,—assuming the option kicks in—the total compensation package could reach $168 million. That should do it—unless J.D. wants to sit it out and flip burgers all Summer.