Friday, January 26, 2018

Buffoon And Traitor Join Joe Castig For Sox-Yankee Talk

Traitor (L); Buffoon (R)
Last night, just a few miles from The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street, Red Sox broadcaster Joe Casitglione joined with two Yankee broadcasters to talk Red Sox-Evil Ones. Now, while 'Joe Castig' has his flaws, he is light years better at his craft that the buffoonish John Sterling and the traitorous Suzyn Waldman. Who can ever forget the suck-up-a-thon Waldman put on when Roger Clemens "returned" to the Yankees? Ugh! Anyway, Waldman (who was born in Newton, Massachusetts and graduated from Simmons College in Boston), had this take on the evening: "These kinds of events are so exciting, because any time you want to talk Yankees and Red Sox, you're always going to get a crowd." Ooooh, deep, Suzy! Castiglione was at least honest enough to to admit that Boston's power shortage is a real concern, "The Red Sox will hit for average, they will score, they will run the bases. But they were last in home runs in the American League. That's most unusual." Sterling, of course, had to tell the crowd that he's already come up with one of his lame HR calls for new Pinstriped Poser Giancarlo Stanton. As if anyone outside the 212 area code gives a crap. So, the whole thing—which was apparently simulcast on WEEI and WFAN—was kind of forgettable radio.