Monday, January 8, 2018

Boras May Go Over Dombrowski's Head Right To Henry

Henry (L); Illitch (R)
The diabolical Uber-Agent Scott Boras has a rocky negotiating history with Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski. According to Jon Heyman of, when Boras ran into a brick wall negotiating with Dombrowski in the past (see Ivan Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez, Prince Fielder), he went right to Tigers owner Mike Illitch and ended up consummating all three pacts. We should make it clear that "Pizza King" Illitch was about 300 years old at the time—and desperate for a championship. John Henry, on the other hand, is considerably younger than Illitch (now deceased), prefers kale over pizza (even Little Caesars) and has won three World Series rings over the last thirteen seasons. So, Boras may not have the same success as he did in The Motor City. Still, he has that history with 'Double D', and history might repeat itself with the J.D. Martinez negotiations. Dombrowski reportedly will not budge off his five-year offer (which some claim is worth $150 million—without any attribution, by the way). The real question is: can Henry tear himself away from foreign soccer and race cars to pay attention to baseball for a few hours? Stay tuned!