Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sam Adams Muscles Out Budweiser At Fenway Park

Maybe it's because we recently beat Anheuser-Busch’s team twice in the World Series (2004, 2013), or maybe it's just because Bud is such a crappy beer. Whatever the reason, Boston-based Sam Adams has displaced Budweiser as the beer of choice at Fenway Park. Now "The Official Beer Of The Boston Red Sox", the local brewery has paid John Henry an undisclosed amount for the honor over the next eight years. Of course, the"Budweiser Section" in right field will now be re-branded as the "Sam Deck", and fans will have to shell out more bucks for the pricier (and much better) local brew. Those attending Spring Training at jetBlue Park in Florida will also notice more Sam Adams signage. Prior to Bud's sponsorship (which began in 1976) another local brewery was the Sox choice from 1944 to 1975—Narragansett. Now that was a beer.