Thursday, December 14, 2017

REPORT: Sox Look To Sign BOTH Martinez And Hosmer

If Michael Silverman's report in The Boston Herald is correct—all is forgiven, Mr. David Dombrowski, sir. According to Silverman, the Red Sox are currently in negotiations with free agents J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer—with the intent of signing both. While netting the two most-prized free agents on the market would require a big financial outlay—it would also allow Boston to keep its current major league roster intact and horde their dwindling number of top prospects. There is one issue that would need to be resolved, though—Hanley Ramirez. Signing the Dynamic Duo means Ramirez would have no spot on the team to justify his $22 million 2018 salary. Moreover, the same price-tag would hold for 2019 if Hanley hit easy incentives as a starter. So, they would probably need to unload him somewhere at a discount—and soon. Stay tuned, this could move fast!