Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rangers Pitcher Out Until May After Run-In With Bull

Well, you think you've heard everything in baseball—and then this happens. A major league pitcher—Martin Perez of the Texas Rangers—will be out until at least next May because of a run-in with a bull. That right, a bull. Think of all the wisecracks that will inevitably emerge—you know, stuff about Perez being moved from the starting rotation to the (ahem) bull-pen. Apparently, the bull was—in fact—in a holding 'pen' when it made a 'move' that startled Perez. The pitcher fell and sustained an injury that required him to undergo surgery to repair a broken radial head in his non-pitching elbow. We're thinking that, once he's healed, Perez will surely get an endorsement offer from the Toro® Snowblower people. Just sayin'.