Sunday, December 10, 2017

John Henry Needs To Sail Off Into The Soccer Sunset

He gave us teams that earned three rings—but he also chained us to a 105-year old cramped ballpark. He gave us better fan services—but, every chance he got, he burdened us with his pretentious, politically-correct view of the world. He claimed to love baseball, but he flew across the pond to watch foreign soccer way too often. He spent part of his billions to get us players like Curt SchillingChris Sale and Craig Kimbrel—but went on the cheap at critical times (like never even making an offer on Giancarlo Stanton). In short, it's time for John Henry to go—far, far away. He was never one of us—a carpetbagger from parts unknown with pocket-protector geekiness. He is not and will never be Boston. Adios, Ichabod Crane! Don't let the door in the Green Monster hit you on the way out.