Monday, December 11, 2017

Jeter-Driven Stanton Swindle Made Official In NYC Today

Not that it's a surprise, but Derek Jeter's 'bag-job' to his old team—essentially giving away Giancarlo Stanton—was made official today. The Yankees sacrifice virtually nothing personnel-wise—Starlin Castro (the highly-overrated 2B), and marginal prospects Jose Guzman and Jose Devers (the latter being the cousin of Sox IF Rafael Devers). While The Pinstriped Posers have to eat $265 million of Stanton's $295 million contract—Jeter will thoughtfully eat the $30 million balance. And, that $30 million will only go to The Evil Ones if Stanton does not opt-out of his contract after the 2020 season. Now, this is collusion. Pure and simple.