Friday, December 15, 2017

Jacoby Ellsbury's Post-Boston Performance Evaluation

Multiple rumors are floating around that former Red Sox OF Jacoby Ellsbury may be on the move out of the Bronx. The Pinstriped Posers seem to have a bit of a log-jam in their outfield—and a pretty expensive one at that. Unless Ellsbury is moved, he will become a $21,142,857 million bench-warmer in 2018. He might be hard to deal, though, since he's got the potential of $63 million or so more owed to him after 2018. Nonetheless, he's been mentioned in various deals—including one to the Diamondbacks that would net The Evil Ones IF Brandon Drury and SP Patrick Corbin. So, it's interesting to see how things compare on Ellsbury—between his seven years in Boston and his four years as a Bronx Embalmer. As the chart shows, Ellsbury performed better in Carmine Hose is every key category—average, on-base percentage, slugging and OPS. But, all things considered (like advancing age and injury), he performed pretty closely to his Boston stats. Was it worth it to The Steinbrenner Brood to ink him to that seven-year, $153 million contract? Not bloody likely. So far, zero division titles and zero world championships during Jacoby's stay. Oh, well.