Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy Red Sox Null-Birthday Day—December 18th!

As our loyal readers know, every day FenwayNation features a Red Sox player (past or present) who was born on that particular date. Usually, there are two, three or even four good choices—all of which are sent to our plush (but not overly ostentatious) headquarters for winnowing down to one name. Rarely, a date arrives where not one player born on that day in the history of baseball has ever played for the Red Sox. Today is such a day—December 18th. Maybe it's because the reprehensible (although also great) Ty Cobb was born on December 18th—and no one associated with the Red Sox wanted to share that distinction. Nah. Think of it, of the thousands of players who have donned Carmine Hose down through the ages, not one was born today. Makes you think.