Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dombrowski Vs. Boras Stare-Down Is Likely Ending Soon

Dombrowski (L); Boras (R)
Now that his client Eric Hosmer is heading somewhere other than Boston, Uber-Agent Scott Boras has lost some leverage over Dave Dombrowski. It's no longer a "two-fer" negotiation—it's now just a stare-down for one player, J.D. Martinez. Moreover, most of the other suitors for Martinez have far less incentive (and money) to splurge on J.D. For example, the Cardinals already got their bat (Marcell Ozuna), the Giants are gun-shy of the luxury-tax penalty—as are the Dodgers. Plus, the Angels just coughed-up $20 million in posting fees for part-time big bat Shohei Ohtani. So, old 'Double D' can push a much harder bargain for the services of our would-be new DH. This could happen quickly.