Friday, December 15, 2017

All Of Boston's First Base Options Are "Can't Misses"

2015-2017 Stats (Courtesy:
Despite the curious geek-inspired hatred of Eric Hosmer, all three of Boston's potential first-base replacements for Mitch Moreland (who wasn't half-bad himself) are solid. No matter how you slice it, Hosmer, Carlos Santana or Jose Abreu would be a major plus for the lineup and the defense. Please, don't even talk to us about bottom-feeder candidates like Mark Reynolds. The roto-heads point to Hosmer's "every-other-year" offensive slippage—but (as usual) the numbers don't tell the whole story. Don't forget, legendary manager Jim Leyland started Hosmer over Paul Goldschmidt in the recent World Baseball Classic—and Hosmer raked and the US won. Over the last three seasons (see chart), the numbers for all three are virtually identical—with Abreu the clear class of the group. But Abreu would cost prospects—Hosmer or Santana would only put a slight dent in John Henry's wallet (don't worry, he'll survive).