Thursday, December 28, 2017

2018 Red Sox Still Need Bat, Arm, And Swiss-Army Knife

Despite the propaganda emanating from Yawkey Way, your currently-constituted 2018 Red Sox are going nowhere fast. With the still-unfinished re-tooling of The Bronx Embalmers (they will land Gerrit Cole), Dave Dombrowski is in serious need of three pieces: a "bat" (J.D. Martinez), a lefty relief "arm" (Tony Watson or Brian Duensing), and an infield "swiss-army knife"—a guy who can play multiple positions (lots of options, but Eduardo Nunez would be a nice fit). If we're really greedy, we'd also say the team needs another elite starter—we'd pick Jake Arrieta (hey, it's not our money). Again, that would be greedy—but do you want Rick Porcello serving up meatballs to Giancarlo Stanton at Fenway? Without at least these first three additions, this version of The Carmine Hose will be lucky to grab one of the two AL Wild Cards. With the three adds, they are at least competitive with The Pinstriped Posers. Simple. No propaganda—just facts.