Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Weather The Long Winter With Cool FN Throw-Back Gear

FenwayNation—'The Mug'
FenwayNation has been around for a long while—so long, in fact, that we've gone through several logo iterations. Way back in January of 2000, we kicked-off this experiment in Red Sox fandom—and scrambled to come up with some type of corporate "branding". Site co-founder Ric Glaub did the honors (he was way better at computer stuff than your E-I-C), and voilà—we had us a logo! Many readers are still so enamoured with our original logo, that we just had to create a dedicated store just for FenwayNation throwback gear. Cleverly named "The FenwayNation Throw-Back Gear Store", you can order a wide array of cool stuff—from zippered hoodies to FN baseball hats to coffee mugs—all emblazoned with FN's original logo. Oh, and did we mention that we also have iPhone cases, and laptop skins, and wall clocks—and pretty much any really tacky tchotchke you can imagine? You can order all this stuff HERE.