Monday, November 6, 2017

Stock Of 2018 FN Calendars Running Low (Not Really)

Copies of the 2018 FenwayNation Calendar are flying out of our Bay State warehouse (EDITOR'S NOTE: we have no warehouse, it's all handled by a third party.)! For the mere pittance of $16.99 (EDITOR'S NOTE: it's actually not all that cheap, but it's the only way we can make a modest profit off each one.) you can enjoy 365 days of Red Sox glory—with exclusive photos of Fenway Park (EDITOR'S NOTE: this is actually true, you can't get these photos anywhere else on Earth.). So stock up for the Holiday gift-giving season before we run out! (EDITOR'S NOTE: it's impossible to run out, as our third party vendor makes them as they are sold). You can buy one (or, better yet, several) HERE.