Friday, November 17, 2017

Sox AAA Team Could Be Named The "Att"-Sox Someday

(Boston Globe Photo)
The very crafty Larry Lucchino seems to be playing off a number of new stadium sites for his AAA franchise (currently known as the Pawtucket Red Sox). Yet another potential home has cropped up—just as new stadium proposals percolate in Pawtucket and Worcester, Massachusetts. The brand new stalking horse is a razed manufacturing site in—ta-da—Attleboro, Massachusetts. Say what? The post-industrial twin city to Pawtucket? Yup, just over the Massachusetts border lies the plush, but not overly ostentatious, town of Attleboro—not the be confused with the tonier suburb of North Attleborough—you know, where Aaron Hernandez had his mini-mansion. Anyway, this new site is likely meant to put more pressure on Rhode Island legislators—who are being asked to underwrite part of Larry's new Pawtucket stadium to the tune of $38 million taxpayer dollars. And, guess what? Another denizen from Larry's olden days was at a stadium presentation the other day—none other than Janet Marie Smith—the 'brains' behind Camden Yards and the "renovation" of 105-year old Fenway Park. Suffice it to say that Larry will get his little stadium—most likely in Pawtucket on the banks of the lovely Blackstone River. Or, you might just be attending AttSox games in Attleboro.