Monday, November 13, 2017

Red Sox Geek-Out With New Employee Digital Workplace

Geek City
In the wake of ticket prices rising again for fans of The Carmine Hose, the team announced a geeky new toy for team employees. In a press release only Bill Gates could love (or even understand), the Red Sox announced a "new global digital workplace on the Akumina platform leveraging deep integrations with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure Clouds." Say what? Apparently, this new-fangled thing-a-ma-jig will allow Geek-In-Chief John Henry's cyber-wonks to, "unite their global workforce of full and part-time staff to improve employee engagement and productivity, providing employees with a secure mobile-friendly and intuitive user-experience with access to key operational information, applications, tools and timely in-game and day of game happenings." Uh-huh. Can we try this in English, please? Whatever this thing is has been 'cleverly' branded as Red Sox “Home Plate”—brilliant! One of the benefits is touted in almost Trumpian terms: "Beautiful mobile-first design and interaction." Couldn't the old "platform" have worked just as well—and maybe allowed them to keep ticket prices stable?