Monday, November 6, 2017

Red Sox Introduce Alex Cora As Team's 47th Manager

The Red Sox formally introduced their new manager Alex Cora today. Said Dave Dombrowski about Cora: "We felt Alex would provide the type of leadership, the type of communication and type of respect we needed." Cora commented on his elevation to managerial status thusly, "I never thought it would happen this quickly, honestly." His philosophy of managing was summed up as: "Pay attention to details, show up every day." He also made clear that communication was key, "Talking to players is not bad." The key to sustained offensive success Cora sees as: "Hunting pitches you can do damage on." He stated that he should be ready for the challenges of the Boston market, relating to his family situation: "In my family, we talk baseball for breakfast, lunch and dinner." He summed things up by saying, "This is home to me. There's no off days here at Fenway Park." Indeed.