Monday, November 27, 2017

Red Sox Dole Out 65 Playoff Shares Of $36,438.21 Each

Once again, it was a dismal early exit from the post-season for your 2017 Carmine Hose. Despite the disappointment, the team did accumulate a playoff Players' Pool totaling $2,746,264.04. When dividing up this playoff bounty, the 65 full shares amounted to $36,438.21 for each recipient. Also, there were 10.01 partial shares and 6 cash awards given out. By comparison, the World Series Champion Houston Astros had a total playoff war-chest of $30,420,155.57—with each full share tapping out at a whopping $438,901.57. The total playoff pool for all teams was a record $84,500,432.15. Not surprisingly, The Bronx Embalmers gave out the second-fewest number of full shares at 57.