Tuesday, November 21, 2017

MLB.com Answers FenwayNation On Sox Power Outage

FenwayNation's question for MLB.com's Ian Browne was highlighted in his latest "Inbox" article. We had asked if Red Sox principal owner John Henry had essentially mandated the free-agent route (versus, say, a Giancarlo Stanton trade) as the way to fill the glaring 'big bat' void in the lineup. Browne answered that he doesn't believe such a mandate exists—and that Henry trusts Dave Dombrowski to "do his job". He goes on to suggest that the free-agent route might make more sense than further depleting the farm system via a trade. We tend to agree. Free-agency might be the most efficient way to boost the offense—perhaps with two players (like J.D. Martinez and Carlos Santana)—without losing major or minor league assets. Thanks to Ian for answering our question!