Friday, November 10, 2017

Manager Aaron "F." Boone Would Just Accelerate Rivalry

Aaron "F." Boone
If the rumors are true, and Aaron "F." Boone becomes the next manager of The Bronx Embalmers, the recently re-ignited Boston-New York rivalry will really take off. Boone's cheap HR off Tim Wakefield to end the 2003 ALCS still sticks in the craw of most Red Sox fans—even though we've "out-ringed" The Evil Ones 3-1 since that vile moment in time. So, the appointment of the still-irritating Boone (just listen to his "commentary" on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball) as Yankee skipper would just add another "edge" to the rivalry in the years ahead. Said "F.",  "When I watch a game now or do a game on our broadcast, I'm always looking at it through a strategic lens or I guess how a manager might look at it, trying to think ahead. So if that were ever put in front of me, it certainly would be something that I would consider." Yeah, right, "F."-Man. Both teams are already well-positioned to butt heads in the AL East with young, talented rosters, so this move would just add more fuel to the fire.