Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Jeter's Management Style: 'If Phone Rings, It's Not Me'

If you had just taken over ownership of an MLB franchise with a highly sought-after mega-star, you'd probably want to talk to the dude, right? No, no, no! Not if you're a graduate of the Derek Jeter School Of Executive Leadership. According to's Mark Feinsand, Derek Jeter admitted today that he hasn't spoken with Giancarlo Stanton since he took over the reins of the Marlins. Think of it, the media has been shopping around his $295 million asset everyplace from Boston to Philly to St. Louis to San Francisco—and the ex-captain of The Bronx Embalmers hasn't even checked in with the big fella? Basically, he also implied today that a trade of Stanton is not an absolute certainty. Regarding his lack of contact with the MLB HR leader Jeter said the following, "If there’s a reason to call him, I’ll call him." Yikes! Way to be hands-on, there Derek, baby!