Tuesday, November 7, 2017

FenwayNation Exercises $1.95 Option On Editor-In-Chief

After furious negotiations, the Red Sox fan site FenwayNation has exercised its 2018 blog option on its Editor-In-Chief Ernie Paicopolos. Reportedly, the deal is worth $1.95, plus all the coffee he can drink (caffeinated or decaffeinated). In January of 2000, Paicopolos co-founded the site with fellow Red Sox nut Ric Glaub. Both sides refused to disclose any other terms of the deal—although reports have circulated that a luxury condominium in Methuen, Massachusetts might be involved—along with a private jet for road trips. One of the stumbling blocks to the negotiations was management's refusal to upgrade the website's Fenway Park season ticket package. The seats will continue to offer a wicked bad obstructed view—obliterating any trace of Dustin Pedroia. As part of the deal, Paicopolos will continue to mindlessly rant about the NOG (New Ownership Group).