Saturday, November 25, 2017

Could State Income Tax Keep Stanton Out Of Boston?

Rarely do politics and baseball intersect (except of course, when the Red Sox owners rub our faces in their annoying personal political beliefs). Now, however, the nefarious Massachusetts state income tax (currently at 5.1%) may keep Giancarlo Stanton away from Fenway Park. According to Sean Penney of Fansided, Stanton could lose around $15 million to the bureaucrats on Beacon Hill over the course of his remaining contract. We might be saved from this obstacle, however, since two of his other potential landing spots (San Francisco and Los Angeles) have an even more confiscatory state tax levy—California's ridiculous 13.3% rate. No wonder people and businesses are fleeing the "Golden State". Even Missouri (where the Cardinals are reportedly Stanton suitors) has a higher rate than Massachusetts (6.0%). Maybe Giancarlo will just stay put in Florida—which has no state income tax.