Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Astros Fans Own Pick-Ups; Dodger Fans Not So Much

Sometimes stereotypes match reality. In a new survey by Nielsen Scarborough, it turns out that Dodger fans are—basically—unmarried Democrats who are obsessed with health and fitness issues. Alternatively, Astros fans are—again, basically—married Republicans who own pick-up trucks. Here are some of the findings:

• 59% Of Astros fans are married compared to 50% of Dodgers fans       
• 38% Of Dodgers fans are Democrats, compared to 23% of Astros fans 
• 29% Of Astros fans are Republicans, compared to 23% of Dodgers fans
• 29% Of Astros fans own a pick-up compared to 14% of Dodgers fans   
• 8% Of Dodgers fans own or lease a hybrid car compared to 3% of Astros fans     
• 15% Of Astros fans follow a weight loss program compared to 7% of Dodgers fans     
• 28% Of Dodgers fans belong to a gym or health club compared to 19% of Astros fans

Dodger fans are also somewhat younger and slightly more likely to be male (58% vs. 56%). And, after a big win, both sets of fans see beer as the go-to beverage—although Dodger fans might also have a little vino. You can see the full results of the survey HERE: