Sunday, October 8, 2017

International Editor: Don't Give Up On The Red Sox Yet

by Mark Lawrence, FN International Editor
Sydney, Australia. It’s a safe bet to assume that there’s an awful lot of New Englanders sadly sippin’ their Sams right about now, morosely poking each other in the chest and telling each other exactly what the Boston Red Sox must do on Sunday at the Fens. Win Game Three. And we don’t care how they do it. Only the most dunderheaded of sportswriters would waste precious words and column inches yammering about what everyone already knows and while I’m not too smart about a lot of things, I’m smart enough to have figured this out. Instead, I’ve carried out a little black magic, voodoo-style research and I can say with a fair degree of confidence that your 2017 Boston Red Sox might just force a Game Five back down in Texas and – trust me – that Houston choo-choo might just run off the rails and spill those stupid oranges all over the outfield. Now, only a diehard Sox fan would make such a goofy prediction, but that’s what we are, Nation, and we’re diehard because this franchise has been messing with our heads since before Fenway's gates opened back in 1912.  This is the team that made the greatest comeback in baseball history a few years back, remember? As if I have to ask. But just how much of this Post Season Stress Disorder can we be expected to endure? Well, one more game at least. And - maybe another. And - maybe another after that.  Is there any earthly reason why this team can’t do it again?  Hell, no. Is it at all likely? Well, not as likely as we’d hope, but yeah, sure why not? After all, it’s Baseball and – altogether now – Anything Can Happen.