Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Heart Says Astros, Head Says Trolley Dodgers In Six

As we await the start of 113th edition of the World Series, our guess is that most Red Sox fans are pulling for the Astros to cop their first-ever championship. After all, they beat us, so they probably deserve it. Both teams were clearly the best in their respective league—with the Dodgers perhaps having an edge on Houston in the starting rotation and bullpen. Otherwise, these are two powerhouse rosters that should make for an entertaining series. Of course, the incredibly stupid National League rules will hold in (potentially) four of these games—with pitchers flailing at splitters out of the strike zone. With all the talk of MLB realignment, the potential wiping out of league distinctions would make the World Series essentially just another postseason get-together. Of course, the radical realignment would also likely necessitate making the DH universal. Lot of changes ahead! In the meantime—(reluctantly) we predict Dodgers in six.