Monday, October 30, 2017

Dodgers Ask A-Gon To Be Spectator During World Series

(Getty Images)
In a wicked awkward moment, Dodger Manager (and former Red Sox hero) Dave Roberts has asked Adrian Gonzalez (the former Red Sox first-baseman) to stay on the sidelines during the balance of the World Seriesand not be in uniform or join the team for pre-game workouts. Gonzalez—who missed almost the entire season due to injuries—was in uniform and on the field during pre-game workouts for Games Two and Three of The Fall Classic—both lost by LA. He was not, however, in the dugout for any post-season games. A-Gon is still owed $22.4 million for the final year of his contract in 2018. You may recall that Gonzalez was part of The Great Nick Punto Deal that sent him, Punto, Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford to La-La Land (and relieved Boston of a half-billion dollars worth of salaries).