Friday, August 18, 2017

Yawkey Charity Issues Statement On Street Re-Naming

The Yawkey Foundations—representing the various charities supported by the late Red Sox owner Thomas A. Yawkey—issued a statement yesterday addressing the controversy surrounding the potential re-naming of Yawkey Way. The statement reads as follows:

"Statement Regarding Proposal to Change Name of Yawkey Way: 'Jean and Tom Yawkey’s philanthropy has always been color blind. Their extraordinary generosity has made a significant impact on Massachusetts and the Greater Boston community, contributing more than $450 million to hundreds of non-profit organizations and helping improve the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children of all backgrounds. We are honored to have the Yawkey name on so many organizations and institutions that benefit Bostonians of all races – and disheartened by any effort to embroil the Yawkeys in today’s political controversy.'"