Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yankee Blog Bemoans Empire Not Dealing For Chris Sale

Seth Pizzurro, of the Yankee blog Pinstripe Alley, has penned a fascinating article suggesting that New York made a huge blunder not trading for Chris Sale. He argues that when you see a relatively young, 'Top Five' pitcher on the market with controllable costs, you trade for him. He examines the package of prospects Boston sent to Chicago for Sale, and contemplates their projectable futures. Basically, even if Yoan Moncada, et. al. became Robinson Cano-like stars, the deal would still probably (on balance) be good for the Red Sox. He sums it up as follows: "For now, we have to somehow live with Sale's domination for our biggest rival and hope that the Yankees figure him out at some point, like they figured out David Price. But the next time a pitcher like Sale is put on the market, the Yankees better make a run for him." Thankfully, we got him and they didn't.