Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Will Joe Torre Insure Sanchez & Romine For Sox Series?

(AP Photo)
After a blatantly pro-Yankee ruling in the fabled Tigers-Empire Brawl case, Joe Torre (MLB Chief Baseball Officer) has yet to schedule appeals hearings for Empire catchers Gary Sanchez and Austin Romine. We'd be shocked, shocked if there were any collusion to keep both backstops available for the upcoming Red Sox series (this Thursday through Sunday). And if you believe that, we have an impassable bridge in Boston (the B.U. Bridge to be specific) that we'd like to sell you. When asked if he might lose his two catchers against the Red Sox, Yankee Manager Joe Girardi stated, "It’s possible, but we haven’t heard any word yet." Precisely! Silent Joe has yet to let the grey smoke out of the MLB chimney. What a farce!