Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Unique Gifts For Fans Who Can't Get Enough Manny

You know the guy. The one who has been a little too obsessed with Manny Ramirez for well over a decade now. He's got every Manny jersey combination ever issued by the Red Sox and Twins Souvenirs. In his Mom's basement—where he currently resides between "gigs"—is a poster of Manny exiting the Green Monster between innings after doing his "business". So, what do you get this dude for a holiday gift? Well, you could get him the 2018 FenwayNation Calendar—which (did we mention?) will be released for sale on Labor Day (that would be next Monday here is the US Of A). Nah—no pictures of Manny. OK, we've got it—a #99 Manny jersey from his current team, the Kochi Fighting Dogs. It doesn't get any better than this. You can purchase the shirt—and other Manny-related gear—at the Fighting Dogs website HERE. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Apparently, this item has been discontinued, so—looks like you gotta buy the calendar.]