Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Panoply Of Possible New Names For Yawkey Way

Certain things in life are, in fact, certain. Even though majorities in almost every fan poll (including ours) oppose re-naming Yawkey Way, John Henry (and his lackeys at Boston City Hall) will make it happen. You know it's true. So, the rest of us should start thinking about viable alternatives. Various press accounts have suggested the following: David Ortiz Way, Pumpsie Green Way, Ted Williams Way, Yaz Way, Jimmy Fund Street, 2004 Way, Tommy Harper Way, Pedro Way, Pete Frates WayTheo Way, and our personal favorite: The Boulevard of Broken Curses. Frankly, most of these are lousy choices—with the possible exceptions of naming the street for Pumpsie Green or Ted Williams—both extremely important figures in the history of the franchise. One other interesting possibility was suggested by a blogger for the Cleveland IndiansVince Guerrieri of, picks Charles Somers—the original owner of both the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians. Somers was a trailblazer in setting up the new American League in 1901. He left the Indians to run the Red Sox and the team was actually nicknamed 'The Somersets' for a while in his honor. Soon after, he went back to his native Ohio to run the Indians again, but he was a prime mover in firming up the viability of the Boston franchise. Interesting idea: Somers Way.