Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fenway Is The Second Best Ballpark On Food Safety

Remember that greenish-colored Fenway Frank that tasted a little odd to you? And that curious-looking brown ice cube floating in your $7.50 Lemonade? Well, take heart, sports fans—Fenway Park has been deemed by Sports Illustrated to be the second best for food safety in all of MLB. Only the aptly-named "SAFECO Field" in Seattle had a better rating than Fenway—but, of course, they have to watch the Mariners every night, which alone can give you indigestion. (You might be interested to know that The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street ranks way down the list at #21.) According to the City Of Boston—a pristine source on health and safety issues [ENTER HEAVY SARCASM HERE]—Fenway notched 30 health violations, and only two were "critical". Of course, if you were one of the "criticals", that high rating doesn't carry a whole lot of $6.50 water. So, that under-cooked Tasty Burger or that three-day-old popcorn really isn't that big a deal. By the way, does that mustard taste funny to you? Bon Appétit!