Wednesday, August 23, 2017

'Bony Ossification' Could Help Price Avoid Tommy John

Sure, it sounds like a starring character from a Jurassic Park movie. But, 'bony ossification' is a "self-healing" action that calcifies new bone on elbow ligaments–avoiding the need for Tommy John surgery. Or, so say some doctors—and Red Sox pitcher David Price. In a story written by the infamous Ken Rosenthal (now of, Price almost sounds like a faith healer on late night cable, "It heals itself. It lays down bone on my ligament. It calcifies and turns into bone." Uh-huh. Yessir, you just send in your $55 for this here special prayer shawl and it will take away all of your medical maladies! Well, maybe we shouldn't be so cynical. If Price actually pitches for this team in 2017—regular or post-season—we might just give ol' Jimmy Sawggart a listen or two.