Thursday, August 10, 2017

3B Michael 'Chavis Regal' Lighting It Up In AA Portland

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In the grand Red Sox tradition of "Where would we play Willie McGee?", comes "The Great Michael Chavis Conundrum". The 22-year-old Chavis just hit his 29th home run this season—playing for both High-A Salem and the AA Portland Sea Dogs. Going forward, it seems that the Red Sox third-base job is a "lock" for rookie Rafael Devers, so Chavis could be roadblocked to the majors (barring a trade). At 5'10", 190, Chavis has a "fireplug" kind of body-type—often a plus at the Hot Corner. Scouts are not crazy about his defense—but then again they aren't all that 'ga-ga' about Devers defensively either. The kid could move to a corner OF spot as well—but you may have noticed that that scene is pretty crowded at Fenway! In any event, this is a very nice problem to have.