Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Should The Red Sox Trade For 'Rental' J.D. Martinez?

J.D. Martinez
It's pretty clear what's keeping the Red Sox from running away with the AL East—an inconsistent, sometimes sputtering offense. The lack of production from the middle of the order has been brutal in the last several weeks. Part of it is due to nagging injuries to both Mitch Moreland (fractured toe) and Xander Bogaerts (bruised hand). But excuses don't win pennants. Boston's starting pitching and bullpen have been stellar—it's the bats we can't count on. So, there has been recent speculation that—in addition to trading for a third-baseman—Boston should also add a big bat. Unfortunately, the best "big bat" on the market is both an outfielder and a free agent at the end of the year—Detroit's J.D. Martinez. He's batting .308 this season, with 16 HRs and a whopping 1.025 OPS (in just 57 games). But to paraphrase the immortal words of Eddie Andelman (who we've made reference to twice this week): "Where would we play J.D. Martinez?" After all, he's primarily an outfielder—but who of The Killer Bees do you bench to play him? He could DH in place of Hanley Ramirez—but think of the meg-problems that would create. Despite all of these hurdles, most reporting has the Red Sox showing strong interest in Martinez—along with the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks. Stay tuned!