Monday, July 17, 2017

Red Sox Saturday Protest Likely To Be Denied By MLB

UPDATE: DUH! Protest denied by MLB
Saturday's bizarre 16-inning loss to The Evil Ones was weird enough. It's even weirder because the Red Sox played the game under protest from the 11th inning on. In that frame, Matt Holiday (who earlier spoiled what seemed to be a sure Chris Sale win) made an unorthodox running play that had him head back to first after being called out on a force play at second. He clearly then interfered with Mitch Moreland's attempt to catch the ball, but the umpires and the New York-based review team ruled otherwise. The play ended up not factoring into the ultimate result—but, technically, the Boston protest—if upheld—could result in a replay of the entire game. Don't hold your breath.