Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kimbrel Again Robs Sale Of A Win, Sox Fall In 16, 4-1

(AP Photo)
At 5 hours and 50 minutes it was the longest game in Red Sox-Yankee history since 1966—when Don Demeter was the Red Sox CF and a 21-year-old kid named Reggie Smith was still riding the bench. Last night's 4-1 loss was—potentially—the most consequential of the year. Instead of being 5.5 games ahead of the Empire, we are just 3.5 ahead. Moreover, the Rays are now just 2.5 back. All this, as Chris Sale tossed another monumental gem—going 7.2 innings and giving up no earned runs—striking out 13 and giving up just three hits. What the hell else can he do? In the ninth, Craig Kimbrel gave up a solo HR to tie the game at one each. Granted, Boston should be scoring more than one run, but Kimbrel's blown save could come back to haunt The Carmine Hose. The winning runs in the 16th inning are under protest, but you know the league office will rubber-stamp the umpires' decision—and that of the New York-based review team. So, a wicked bad loss.