Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kennedy: Decision On Panda To Come In Next Day Or So

Red Sox President Sam Kennedy announced today on WEEI 93.7 Radio that a decision on beleaguered third-baseman Pablo Sandoval would come "in the next day or so". This comes on the heels of the team releasing Jhonny Peralta this afternoon. Sandoval's 20-day rehab assignment (for an ear infection) is due to run out this weekend, so a "fish-or-cut-bait" decision needs to happen very soon. Regarding the upcoming trade deadline, Kennedy said, "It goes without saying we’re examining the third base situation very closely. Dave and John Farrell are dealing with that. You always want to add pitching, pitching and more pitching if you can because it seems postseason baseball seems to always coming down to that. The market is just starting to develop." Things should start to shake out soon!