Tuesday, July 25, 2017

John Henry Has Liverpool In 2003-Like Red Sox Position

(NBC Sports Photo)
Honestly, we are not big soccer fans. When we do watch, it is exclusively the English Premier League. Watching five minutes of an EPL match makes the Revs and the rest of the MLS seem like middle-school junior varsity players. Even to an un-trained eye, EPL is that much better. In any event, your esteemed Red Sox owner John Henry is now on the verge of moving his Liverpool EPL entry back into an elite status—maybe. An interesting article on The Anfield Wrap website suggests that the 'Reds' are in roughly the same position as the 2003 Red Sox—that is, that close to glory. The authors argue that Henry needs a 'Curt Schilling Thanksgiving Dinner In Arizona' kind of moment to bring one or two top winning players into the fold and put them over the top. Somewhat naively, however, the writers feel that Henry and Company have "learned" from their 2011 mega-contract signing spree with the Red Sox. Didn't anyone tell them about The Panda? Anyway, the article is also a reminder of how our owner wastes a lot of his precious time and energy on foreign soccer—and not on American baseball.